About YoungStar


Chongqing Youngstar Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. was established in 1997, which is focus on real estate development, property management, and also engaged in cruise yacht manufacturing, health industry, commercial (hotel) operation, Port trade logistics. The company have many honors, such as ”Chongqing's top 50 private enterprises", "  Chongqing's  top 50 real estate development enterprises ","Integrity of private enterprises in Chongqing Municipality." "Youngstar" has been identified as "well-known in Chongqing corporate name", "Chongqing’s famous trademarks" and “Chongqing real estate value of the top 10 Brands”.

With an open learning attitude, we cooperate with the well-known company. And established joint venture with the top "500"  - Hong Kong Mr. LI Ka-shing's Cheung Kong (Holdings) and Hutchison Whampoa, which invested heavily in creating first-class real estate projects in Nanbin Road ,and build the project" Coral waterfront "and" Yang Jia Shan comprehensive projects. ” In Changshou District, the company has created the first volume of composite commercial center, attracting domestic and foreign well-known brands to enter, so that the company has been a steady development of various formats.
The company always adhere to the "from society and contribute to society" as our ideal, then we got much love from the society, we absorbed a large number of laid-off workers and demobilized soldiers to our company; we devoted ourselves to fight the flood and provide relief, fight against "SARS", donate to help education, improve people's living environment in poor areas, rich the cultural life of the people and other social welfare activities. We also have done a good job in two civilization construction, and won wide acclaim from all sectors of society.

The ideal of "create brilliant - ambitious, down-to-earth, people-oriented", Youngstar will take a more pragmatic spirit, will do for our society, customers, employees, shareholders, and contribute to the construction of Chongqing.

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