Corporate Honors


• In 2007, 2006-2007 Yearly Integrity and Trustworthy Enterprise
• From 2006 to 2008, “Trustworthy Enterprise by Consumers”
• In 2007, Youngstar Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was the vice chairman of the Second Council of the real estate association
• In 2007, the most worthy respected real estate brand enterprise in China 
• In 2007, Habitat Construction Outstanding Contribution Enterprise in Chongqing
• In 2007, architectural brand leader in Chongqing
• In 2007, credit rating: AA
• In 2007, advanced member unit of Nan’ani District Real Estate Association
• In 2007, Youngstar Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was awarded Advanced Unit in Price Statistics Work by Chongqing survey team of State Statistics
• In 2007, Youngstar Group was awarded the Top 50 (the fifth session)Real Estate Development Enterprise in Chongqing.
• In 2007, advanced units in Nan'an District Fitness and Olympics activities 
• In 2007, Top Real Estate Enterprise in Chongqing Real Estate Mid Year List 

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